Friday, April 18, 2008

Comic Roundup: April 9, 2008

  • Late again, but moving fast.

  • Criminal volume 2 issue 2: Wow. It has been implied throughout Criminal that Teeg Lawless, the star of this issue, was a straight-up bastard. What this issue shows is that he was so much more and so much less. Once again, Brubaker and Phillips craft a great story, this time of a broken man who can't help but break everything around him too. My highest recommendations for this series continue unabated.

  • Echo issue 2: Terry Moore's tale of technological terror (couldn't resist) continues on in this equally strong second issue. We get his usually blend of humor, despair, oddity, and the mundane in one attractive package. The story has started to focus and I'm very interested in seeing where this is going.

  • Serenity: Better Days issue 2: I wish I could say this was getting better. There were some little bits that I enjoyed about this comic, but it is just not the same. At least there is only one more issue to read before I can tuck my Firefly nostalgia safely away.

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