Thursday, April 8, 2010

News Filter: Champions Online Adventure Pack Poll

  • Are you at all still interested in Champions Online? If so, Cryptic has a new poll up that you might want to participate in. (Okay, those two sentences were awful, but work with me here.)

  • The new poll gives six options for future adventure packs. They already have one adventure pack ready to launch: The Serpent Lantern. So they are looking to the community to determine which one they do next. For those of you wondering, the six options are:

    • Superteam Showdown - Face a team of supervillains led by the powerful Firewing!

    • Shadow of the Destroyer - Discover an alternate Earth where Shadow Destroyer rules!

    • Lemuria Attacks - Fight back against Stingray and her Lemurian allies as they attack the surface world!

    • Foxbat Unhinged - Experience the unbridled insanity of Foxbat!

    • Alien Infestation - Stop an alien parasite infecting a Qularr mothership!

    • Takofanes Rising - Face down Takofanes and his Turakian Deathlords in their deadly dimension!

  • All of those sound like something I'd like to see. But how can they expect people to vote for anything other than Foxbat. I know I had to.

  • Hopefully this poll has more influence than the last one about future expansion zone. Maybe they're waiting on an outer space zone until they can do it just right.

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  1. Dude, Foxbat ftw. I hope it will let me vote even though I'm not subbed atm.

  2. Foxbat is awesome, it would be great if that character was used more in the game.

  3. I had to be contrary and picked Superteam Showdown. Just liked the idea of a big superhero-villain showdown.

    Btw, you don't have to be logged in to vote, I'm pretty sure it just looks at your IP address.

  4. @ Yeebo - Like Blue Kae says, I think it's open for anyone. Foxbat needs more votes!

    @ Jayedub - Foxbat FTW! The game already has a good sense of humor. Even more is not a bad thing.

    @ Blue Kae - Traitor! You're not alone, though. I saw a lot of people on the forums talking about that option. Especially people with deeper ties to the PnP game. I guess their excited about more lore characters making their wait into CO. Can't say I blame them.