Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Shots: Starting To Miss My Mage

  • Since canceling all of my MMO subscriptions (well, except Champions, but that doesn't count as a sub), I have focused exclusively on single player games. It has been a lot of fun catching up on a bunch of games I did not have the time to play before because I was too busy justifying my subscription fees. However after completing several games, I have discovered something odd.

  • I'm starting to miss my mage. I miss my paladins. All three of them. I miss the lowbie night elf priest I was leveling. In short, I'm starting to miss World of Warcraft.

  • I have to blame all the talk about class changes and Algalon-styled horses and Cataclysm in general. How could you not be excited about WoW with all that going on? (Actually, I know how. But, work with me here.)

  • I've done everything I can think of to avoid resubscribing. I tried EVE Online (fun, but not sticky), reinstalled Age of Conan (but didn't actually resubscribe), even moved my Xbox onto my computer desk. So far none of that has distracted me.

  • What has worked, though, is that none of this is real. (Okay, the astral pony is real, but I'm not about to drop $25 to manifest it.) If I start playing now, it's still the same game I left before. Not like that's a bad thing. WoW still wows. (There's your box quote, Blizzard.) But I've already had my fill and I'm not ready for more just yet.

  • Soon, but not yet.

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  1. The last time I subbed to WoW was right around the launch of WotLK. The demo impressed me enough to pick it up. As if by magic my burnout set in again mere days after I broke down and bought the expansion. I never even made it to 80 on my main.

    I'm hoping Cataclysm will freshen things up again, because the WoW mage is actually one of my favorite class designs among MMOs.

  2. @ Yeebo - If Cataclysm does anything, I hope it give me a reason to cast Polymorph again. It's such an iconic ability that losing it has made WotLK a less fun.