Friday, October 8, 2010

News Filter: Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monument Calculator

  • ArenaNet has released their Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator. All you have to do is plug in one of your character's name and you will get a break down of what awards you have earn in Guild Wars 2.

  • According to the calculator, my main character has received 12 out of the 50 available points. Honestly, I'm surprised I have that much. By the time Eye of the North rolled out, GW was already a backburner game for me. I played through the new content because I really enjoyed the game. Just not enough to play through multiple times. So I never spent much time working on my Hall of Monuments, even though I knew there would be a carry over. However now that I know what the rewards are and what I have to do to acheive them, I'm much more likely to reach a little farther. Really, how hard can it be to hit fifteen or twenty if I work at it.

  • On the other hand, my much more hardcore brother is at 41 out of 50. He might try to push for 45, but I'm sure he'll be happy with where he's at already.

  • For more info, check out Ravious's post at Kill Ten Rats.

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  1. I was at 36 when i tried the calculator, and quickly added 1 point for getting the black moa, easy, and 3 just for adding my mini's to the hall. there are a lot of easy tasks you can do.