Thursday, November 18, 2010

News Filter: EQ2X Launches Most Useless Bonus Weekend Ever

  • I've been desperately typing away at my review of The Last Run all day (Book reviews are hard!) with the hope that I could have something up for you tonight. But SOE has come to my rescue with what has to be the silliest thing I've seen in a while.

  • This coming weekend from November 19 through November 21, Everquest 2 Extended is having a Free Gold Membership Weekend.

  • I know, right? What the hell?

  • I'm going to copy and paste the rest of this because I can't believe it myself.
    More features, more content and more fun! Free, for this weekend only (11/19/10-11/21/10), all EverQuest II Extended accounts will be entitled to all the perks of the $14.99 Gold Membership. That’s full access to seven character slots, spell tiers, equipment grades, six bag slots, unlimited coin limitations, eight shared bank slots, 75 journal quests and more!

  • Seriously, what the hell? They are letting you use more character slots so that you can roll up new alts all of the sudden? Or you can use all of that Legendary or Fabled gear and high level spells that you've been storing up? You get access to all the bag slots for one weekend only? Where do I sign up?

  • Actually there are two things on the matrix that might be worth it. If you are having technical issues, gold members get full customer service support. Even better, gold members don't get the pop-ups.

  • Actually, those popups are pretty annoying. Maybe this weekend won't be so bad after all.

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  1. One thing you really should do is hit a research assistant and get as many spells to Master as you can over the weekend. Those will remain master at the end of the weekend. I believe you will have to have the candidate spells up to expert to qualify for master at the RA.

  2. @ Yeebo - Darn it, Yeebo. Are you trying to ruin a perfectly good rant with your logic? :)