Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Shots: Another Tale of Dwarves and Ancient Evils

  • In my previous post, I talked about how Dwarf Fortress is one of those games that in be more interesting to read about than to play. The creator of one of those stories, Tim Denee, has done it again, and in greater detail this time. Found by way of PC Gamer magazine, here is the link to Oilfurnace.

  • Like all good DF stories, it ends up with the fortress brought down by its own hubris. But the method of its telling is sumptuous here. If you have a moment, pull up a chair and read the story of the poor, doomed Oilfurnace.

  • As an aside, I coincidentally downloaded the most recent Dwarf Fortress Talk podcast wherein a question comes up about tile sets in the game. After reading this story, I couldn't think of a better collaborator than Tim to bring the game to vivid life.

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