Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Played Lately: World of Warcraft

  • Since Stargrace is expecting a bunch of WoW Shattering posts, I thought I should oblige her. Here are a few thoughts about logging back into World of Warcraft. For the first time!

  • Plight of the Low Level Mage - Although many people logged onto the their level eighty mains for their tour of New Azeroth, that is not what I wanted from the new patch. I wanted to see the world as Blizzard designed it: for a low level character. So my first step was to roll up a new human mage. I made her human in honor of my first character. I made her a mage to see how my main would play if I rolled her today. And I made her female because I'm a weird dude. It turns out the first level mages are cool. You start out with Fireball on your skill bar and get Arcane Missiles and Fire Blast soon after. You actually feel like a mage very quickly. The only time I used my wand or staff was when I wanted to mix it up a little. So cool!

  • Northshire Reborn! - Northshire was always a little goofy. It was this weirdly idyllic setting that just happened to have some kobold and bandit troubles. You ran around pastoral field skinning wolves, bashing kobolds, and driving the Defias out of a vineyard. No more! Northshire is a war zone when you show up. The Blackrock Orcs have invaded and you have to help the army drive them out. That mean killing wargs and orc spies, healing the wounded with the power of the Holy Light (and that's for every class), as well as putting out fires and killing the orcs' leader. There is something to be said for turning up the tension so fast. It fits the tenor of the humans much better. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes in the other starter zones now.

  • A Little Help From My Friends - While I was playing last night, my brother logged in to say Hi. He got back in the game recently and he was interested in how the world was changing. And we'd been talking about starting a static group to level new characters, so we wanted to do a little planning. Needless to say there was a lot of "You need to check this out" and "You should really try this" going on. And while that was all going on, I sent a random tell to GeeCee to find out if she really did play on that server. Amazingly enough, she didn't put me on ignore and we chatted about everything we saw most of the night. She was also kind enough to get my brother and I invited to her guild. It has been a long while since I played in a guild, so this will be quite the change. There was one other person I asked to play, but my wife said she had other priorities. I'll get her some day.

  • Stormwind, OMG - Speaking of changes, Stormwind looks amazing. It still feels like Stormwind, but it's almost like there was this great city that was always hiding behind the old one. It really feels like this city is more open and natural. The open area behind the city, along with the wedding gazebo and the cemetary are amazing additions to the flavor. I know the park had been destroyed, but I only wandered in there by accident one time. I bearly remembered it was there. The city was so overwhelming that I forgot to continue questing and I fished with my new character up to 75. Yes, I understand that I am strange, but I can't help myself. It was just so fun to fish and watch everyone walk by.

  • New Daily Quests? Of Course There Are - When I woke up this morning, I just had to log in again and to look around some more. This time, it was with very first character, the paladin. If I was returning to the Alliance, it wouldn't be fair not to get her into the action. Funny enough, I logged in standing right outside the Stockades portal. Right outside was a blue exclamation point I didn't remember seeing the night before. And sure enough, there is a daily cooking quest available. But instead of just gold and a token, the quest also rewarded two skill points. What a great idea! I also found the daily fishing quest which gave one skill point. Bravo to Blizzard for that update.

  • Blizzard Makes Breadcrumbs - Just before I logged of I made my way over to the front entrance of Stormwind where I discovered the The Hero's Call Board. Evidently, this board will provide a breadcrumb quest that will tell you which zone you are expected in and why you are going. It's a simple and elegent solution. I've always been annoyed with most MMOs that expect you to intuit where you are expected to go next. Sure, you could explore your way through the game, but that isn't for everyone. So Blizzard has added its own Golden Path, several even since different capitols have different zone progressions, and I think it is a great idea.

  • Enough from me. What do you think about the Shattering?

  • Have a great holiday, everyone, in game or out.

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  1. I am itching to see the world as a low level character too, but I'm set on making my Worgen priest and so I decided I can wait two more weeks. However, I might roll up all the races just to see the new opening sequences and starting areas.

    And yes, as you saw, I really do play on that server :P I'm glad I was on my main at the time, it was a long time since I'd spent so much time on her. Lately, I've been on the horde side still trying to get my warrior to level 80. You caught me at just the right time! I wonder how you even found character bios on my blog?

    Anyway, re: the Hero's Call Board, thanks for clearing that up! I'd wondered what the point of those were, since when I clicked them they gave me nothing. But now that I know its purpose, I realize of course they won't, I'm level 80! Wow, that's such a great idea to help new players.

  2. I too restarted on a mage. Different server, unfortunately. I may start a 'toon on silvermoon just to say hello.

  3. @ MMOGC - There is a lot to see, it looks like, and I'm looking forward to a lot of alts. :)

    It was pretty awesome that we ended up on the same server. When you commented that you played on Silvermoon, I scoured your blog for an character names I could find. Lucky for me that the first one I tried was a hit.

    @ Yeebo - Come say hello. The more the merrier, I say!

  4. @Yeebo - Yes, the more the merrier!

  5. I really hadn't planned to, but after reading Pete's Dragon Chasers post I had to see if the game was really that on-rails now. Soooo, say hi to Korli, Dwarven Hunter, on Silvermoon if you see him. He curently has a 10-day terminal illness, we'll see if he finds a cure or not.

  6. @ Blue Kae - That's awesome. I'll look for you soon.