Thursday, January 20, 2011

Played Lately: EVE Online

  • Nothing in the recent updates was enough to make be go back to EVE Online, even after receiving several free days to play. It's not a game I can really sink into like some others. Sometimes the openness of the sandbox is so overwhelming that I get lost and wander without purpose.

  • But sure enough, the new character creator got me to resubscribe just to check it out.

  • The character creator was amazing. I loved being able to sculpt my character just by clicking-and-dragging her body. Stretching and squishing bits and pieces felt really good. Much better than nudging a battery of sliders around, hoping that you find just the right look.

  • It took me about an hour to achieve the portrait above and I'm pretty happy with the results. Most of the characters I've seen look amazing. I was a little disappointed with the clothing and hairstyle available, but I'm sure the options will explode when Incarna finally launches.

  • I doubt this will be enough to keep me interested beyond the current month, but I really like what CCP has created. I may spend the entire thirty days making and remaking new characters just to see what I can create.

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  1. Hey, nothing wrong with enjoying oneself with a character creator. I remember the crazy options we had in APB, and if that game's character creator had been a game itself it would have kept me busy for a couple hours. :P

    Anyway, nice job with the portrait, she's beautiful!

  2. Nice looking toon. From what you have described, it sounds like EVE has figured out a system that is superior to most of what's on the market. I really like the idea of not having to fool with sliders.

  3. @ MMOGC - Thanks. I do love a good character creator. I especially appreciate games that realize how much fun that is and gives you reasons to keep using it. Like Champions Online, for instance.

    @ Yeebo - It really does feel like you're molding a person. And it's an entire person, although the portrait doesn't so off much of my work. Can't wait to see what Incarna is like.