Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Shots: Opinions Are Like

  • I wasn't going to go near this hornet's nest, but it feels like the hornets came to me. You're all seen the Massively article, right? I'm not even going to name it. It's just "the Massively article" now.

  • When did we get to the point that we can't stand someone voicing an honest opinion? An opinion that is peppered with any number of qualifications no less. Are we all so insecure that we can't put up with anything that contradicts our likes and dislikes?

  • Oh, right. This is the Internet.

  • Come on, everyone, this isn't Congress. We're not debating tax cuts for the rich versus handouts for the poor. This is video games we're talking about. Maybe the Massively article is right or maybe it's wrong, but that will have zero effect on how much you enjoy the game. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is a lot of people. What do you think the chances are that all of those people agree with you? Not good, folks. People are going to disagree with you. How you deal with that disagreement will determine what kind of human being you are.

  • Various other bloggers I read and enjoy (Hunter, Pete, Ravious, and Tipa) have voiced a full gamut of opinions, so I'm sure you'll find one that matches yours. But don't forget to visit the other blogs so that you can flame them for thinking incorrectly.

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  1. I wrote a reply to the subject on Hunter's blog. In a nut shell, I take zero issue with the content of Reahard's blurb or his impressions. I was, however, a little irked nonetheless. If he wrote this exact same thing on his personal blog, on a forum, in a comment, etc. I would never have batted an eye, but I'm old school -- I've tackled every paying job I've ever had with the utmost professionalism. Personally, I've played MMOs after an hour and realized it's not for me, so I have no problem with that. But if I were paid to write about my experience, even on an impression piece, I’d probably write more than five sentences about why. And I certainly wouldn’t make a dig on an entire category of MMOs.

    That's just me though, my opinion is colored by my sense of integrity which is unrealistic of me to apply to everyone else, and I admit to the possibility of expecting too much from Massively. That and Hunter brought up a good point, maybe I just need to read snarkier news sites to desensitize myself.

  2. That was me, MMOGC, btw. Blogger seems to hate OpenID tonight.

  3. Man, how can that guy say Rifts blows, he only played it for like a few minutes. That guy has no credibility, Rifts is going to rule the MMO market. It has the best things and does those other things so much better than others. And who can forget about that stuff that is just soooooo sweet!

    BTW, haven't played Rifts and have little interest in the game.

  4. I would have more of an opinion on this, but I hardly read most comments on popular blogs. The majority aren't worth reading in the first place.

    Is it ironic that I am commenting?

  5. @ MMOGC - In this, the land of snark, you're going to find little in the way of utmost professionalism. The gaming press has never been a bastion of journalistic standards. And when it comes down to it, Massively is just a blog that pays its contributors to post. They don't do anything that, say, Kill Ten Rats couldn't do better for free.

    @ Jayedub - I haven't either, though I am curious about the game. Sad thing is that there are several people who agree with Jef that the tutorial zone is not up to par, even if they disagree about how he said it.

    @ Rowan - I am amused, sir. :)

  6. the qualifications are what bug me. his comments were so mild really, when you read it.

    @mogsy i've given up on open ID working on a regular basis. i just use name/url whenever possible.

  7. That was seriously one major teacup tempest. It was obviously a series of short opinion peices. Not even a preview, much less a review. You'd think they were stuffing kittens into wood chippers from some reactions.