Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Shots: Rift Beta 5 Keys

  • We are long past the point where finding a Rift beta key is hard to do. Mine just showed up a couple days ago with my pre-order. But along with it came a couple extra keys, each supposedly good for 25 invitations. I don't know 50 people rushing to jump into the game so I thought I would share it with the wide open internet.

  • The keys are:

    • MDJ7-2GR2-GD9E-NZYG-6Y2N

    • P36H-WP6X-6RE7-FP6G-2N79


  • Just go to, set up an account, and enter the code. If you get one to work (or if one doesn't work), let me know in the comments. See you in game.

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