Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Shots: The Age Of The Dragon Is Over

  • I've come to the conclusion that I will never play Dragon Age II again. Not even that great song could get me to go back and play it. It was a mistake to purchase the game in the first place. And considering how little I enjoyed the first game, I regret even only having spent the twenty dollars for the game.

  • Having come to this realization, I dug back into the archives of the Gamers With Jobs Conference Call and listened to the Dragon Age II spoiler section in episode 234. I figured that I had already heard enough spoilers that going back and listening to an in depth discussion would not make matters any worse. Having listened to the podcast only cemented my decision. Although the individual character arcs seem interesting, the overall plot arc sounds like a complete mess. I'm not going to spoil the game for anyone else, but the ending sounds nonsensical.

  • I've already learned my lesson from this experience. No matter how excited everyone else is about a game, it is not worth spending the money on a game that I have reservations about. It has been some time since I have bought a new game. I do not intend to do so until something comes out that I'm looking forward to. I like getting caught up in the conversation around a new game, but playing games that I'm not excited about is no good for anyone.

  • Especially if all we get out of them are lame posts like this one.


  1. Not as lame post at all, I can relate. I used to buy games all the time just so that I wouldn't miss out on what everyone was talking about. The game I had the most similar experience with was Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time on the N64.

    According to everyone else that's ever played it, playing the game is like doing naughty things with supermodels while a chorus of angels celebrates your every deed. It didn't seem like the kind of game I'd really like, and my reaction upon playing it was a distinct "meh." I never even made it half way through.

    This admission will likely revoke my gaming credentials ;-)

  2. Exactly what Yeebo said. Don't get me started on Oblivion, Assasin's Creed, or the character templates that Bioware keeps repeating ad infinitum without anyone noticing.

    Sometimes the hype is just hype, and as gamers we have a tacit responsability of telling other gamers (especially the younger) that "the man", if you will, knows how to put up a trailer that looks awesome, knows which phrases will make our hearts pound; it's just that "the man" rarely cares about delivering.

  3. Yeah I only played Dragon Age II a little and I don't think I could ever play that game through more than once. Oh wait, I finished it something like eight times and invested 300+ hours into it. So I guess I played enough for the both of us!!

  4. That's too bad, I really enjoyed Dragon Age 2. Not as much as I did the first one -- I doubt no game will ever bring back that feeling the first time I finished DA:O -- but I did have fun with the sequel. I was very invested in the story though, given my character and her uh, relationship with another character that played a huge part in the ending. Man, I was so angry with what happened, but I realized it was only because the game managed to get me so involved.

  5. I spent 106 hours, 34 minutes and 18 seconds playing Dragon Age: Origins.

    I spent less than three hours playing Dragon Age II, and never went back afterwards.