Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random Shots: Gaming Superstitions

  • As promised by Nintendo, the 3DS Ambassador Program has gone live and the ten NES games are now available. I played and enjoyed a number of those games back when they first come out. In fact, one of the first things I did when we moved into the new house was hook up my Nintendo and slap in The Legend of Zelda.

  • As I fired up the games, memories came rushing back to me. Zelda, Zelda II, Metroid, and more. I can't wait to relive these classics on my fancy little handheld.

  • As I've played through these games so far, I find that I've fallen into the same patterns as before. There was an unspoken rule that I always followed. Whenever an item drops, I take the time to pick it up even if my energy/hearts/missiles/bombs are full.

  • Somewhere along the time, I came to the conclusion that if I passed up a power up I did not need, I would not receive a power up later when I really needed it. It's almost as though there is some gaming god who would punish me for turning away from their gifts. And even though I know that item drops are decided by a random number generator, I still follow this old behavior. I doubt that I could overcome this superstition even if I wanted to.

  • Are there any gaming superstitions that you still observe?

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  1. I have such fond memories of those games. As for superstitions, the closest I come is that I nearly always stop to loot everything I kill in an MMO. Even some pathetic gray mob that I was forced to kill on my way to something else in a low level zone. I have this paranoia that I'll become financially destitute if I don't loot everything I can.

    How do you like the 3DS btw? I've thought about picking one up. However, is it really a ton better than the regular DS?

  2. My superstition is more of a compulsive thing. I refuse to leave a floor of a dungeon until I've explored the entire map. Also compulsive saving, but that's only because I play games that crash a lot. (Here's looking at you, Fallout.)

  3. I refuse to place any console on the floor ever since I threw my NES controller (in frustration at my inability to beat Heat-Man, in Mega Man 2). The controllers, back in the day, had cables.

    One funny bounce, and it smacked the 'reset' button on the front of the NES.

    I had to redo the whole Boss fights.

    I think I went nuts.

    All my stuff is behind tempered glass.