Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Shots: Release Dates Are Big News

  • Something amazing happened over the weekend. At least six different blogs that I follow reposted the news that Star Wars: The Old Republic had a release date. I'm not reposting the date because 1) this isn't a News Filter post, and 2) you find it just about anywhere else on the Internet by now. Try one of those links above if you really don't know.

  • When I thought about writing about the release date, my first inclination was to point and laugh that so many people had so much to say about something so insignificant. On second thought, though, I think it says something about the state of MMOs and the anticipation of SWTOR in particular that so many people had so much to say about something so insignificant.

  • Where once we could count on release after release after release of new MMOs, we are now in a cycle where Triple-A games are few and far between. Sure, there are more MMOs being released now than ever before. But these are the lazy knock-offs and cash-ins that should have been cancelled years ago but somehow weren't. Only Rift stands out this year and that came out back in March. People are hungry from something new.

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  1. You are writing about the insignificance of people writing about something insignificant :P

  2. @ MMOGC - Quite the contrary. Although it may not have come through in the post (I'm pretty tired lately), I think it's very significant. The MMO community needs news like this to keep going. There has been a drought of good MMOs lately and SWTOR is the promised land.

    My feelings about the game aside (which are really feelings about the IP), we need a good game to come along and give us something substantial to talk about again.

  3. My own reason for posting is that my blog is more of a gaming diary and memory book, so I like to note down significant (in my opinion, if not in yours) events.

    As I said in my five year anniversary post, the blog is for my own benefit, but others are welcome to share in it, even if they feel it is only worth pointing at and laughing.