Tuesday, March 13, 2012

News Filter: Guild Wars 2 Edition Frenzy

  • Like a bolt from the blue, ArenaNet has announced exactly how much of your money they would like to take from you. And it is surprisingly similar to another recent game. The three available editions are:

    • Digital Edition - $60 - The game, access to the beta weekends, headstart access, and an in-game item

    • Digital Deluxe - $80 - The above plus some additional in-game items

    • Collector's Edition - $150 - All of the above plus the obligator statue, art prints (plus frame!), art book, and soundtrack

  • So begins the five stages of grief as I come to terms with the fact that there is no way I can afford that collector's edition. Even the deluxe edition seems like a stretch, but I can at least rationalize it.

  • A few others have already picked the options apart. Which edition (if any) are you giong for?

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  1. I'm likely going for the digital edition. Most of the items listed in the DD edition don't look all that great. Particularly the items that are one shot or expire after a few days.

    1. @ Yeebo - That is a problem. I'm not sure if the deluxe edition is worth the trouble.

  2. Honestly the normal edition seems like a good buy. beta access and headstart for no extra cost.

    I'll get the dd though, i want the skill, and the mini.

    1. @ Hunter - I'm trying to tell myself that it's worth it, but it feels like paying $20 for a mini and a unique elite.