Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random Shots: Who Will You Be? GW2 Edition

  • Syp has a post up on Bio Break discussing his character plans for Guild Wars 2. There are a great number of options since there are no race/class restrictions. I have at least a vague idea of which I want to try. So in order of likelihood from least to greatest, here are the professions:

    • Necromancer - Ew. I had one character of every profession in Guild Wars. Even the lame expansion classes. But I never, ever played a necromancer. They just look gross. Blech.

    • Engineer - While I understand that the history of Tyria has moved on, I can't get my head around a technology based profession. Sure, WoW, WAR, and other games have gun focused classes, but it has always rubbed me the wrong way.

    • Warrior - This is a long standing bias, but I never really enjoy straight up fighter types in MMOs. Maybe GW2 will make them more compelling, but they are not high on my list.

    • Guardian - Here we get into the noncommittal part of the list. I don't know enough about guardians to know whether I want to play one or not. Maybe I'll get jealous of all the cool things they do after playing for a while and I'll want a guardian alt. Just not at launch.

    • Thief - Ditto, except the character art for the female thieves is really... interesting to me. As long as they don't develop assassin-like spikes, I'd be willing to give them a look.

    • Elementalist - Now we get to the excited part of the list. I have always liked elementalists. My one great character deletion regret was deleting my gray-haired level twenty "ellie" before Factions released so that I had an open character slot for the preview weekend. I hope there are a lot of lightning based abilities because I plan on shocking the heck out of very many dudes.

    • Mesmer - More than any other profession, the mesmer proved that Guild Wars was not your usual RPG. I loved playing my mesmer and I can't wait to see what they do in GW2.

    • Ranger - My first love has always been the ranger. I don't play this kind of class in any other game, but I can't wait to try them again in GW2.

  • And for the races. Two definite no's, two maybes, and one already decided:

    • Asura - I have never liked little races in games. The asura seem like the worst example. No. Just no.

    • Charr - Although I learned to like the charr a little after reading the Guild Wars novels, I still can't see myself playing one. I can't forgive them for what they did to Ascalon.

    • Sylvari - I am super curious about the sylvari. We know so little about them that it will be a joy to explore their story. Yes, they are dressed up elves, but with enough differences to make them stand out.

    • Norn - Ever since Eye of the North launched, I've wanted to play one of the Norn. What is there about giant warrior women who turn into bears that is not to love?

    • Human - When it comes down to it, though, my first character will be human. I want to see what has become of the descendants of my GW characters and where they will go. That is very important to me and I wonder if any other long time Guild Wars fans feel the same.

  • When broken down, my first choice is obvious: a human ranger, just like my main character in Guild Wars. But from there do I roll a norn mesmer and sylvari elementalist? Actually, that sounds pretty cool. I'm glad I did this.

  • How about you? What characters are you looking forward to playing?

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  1. I haven't been following GW 2 all that closely, so it's hard to say. Like you, I am a big fan of ranged DPS however. I know I'll at least try ranger and elementalist.

    1. I tend to stick with ranged DPS as well. I may have to analyze why that is some day. Hope to see you in the game!

  2. I think the diversity of play style on each profession will allow you to branch out a bit more than you think anjin, like rifle or longbow on warrior, but yeah. We have somewhat different tastes but i'll likely have one of everything anyway.

    1. Actually, that's a really good point. I'm curious as to how much weapon choice effects how the different professions play. Another thing to look forward to.

  3. I'm a ranged DPS kind of guy... usually. I play a Hunter or the equivalent in pretty much any MMO, so Ranger it is for me in GW2. Still, I like Elementalists, Engineers and Mesmers. I'm undecided on race... I think they are all decent. I'll probably have at least one of each, but there's no telling where I'll settle. At the moment, I like the Norn and the Charr. Something about the bigger, bulkier characters, I guess.

    ...and then there's the oddball, my Druid in WoW. I'm swayed greatly by the utility of Feral Druiding (popping from Cat to Bear as occasion demands makes me happy) and the Druid's overall toolbox (flight form!), so that's my one non-ranged indulgence.

    1. @ Tesh - I should admit that I have rolled more than my fair share of paladins in WoW. Shhh, don't tell anyone.