Monday, March 12, 2012

Played Lately: Mass Effect 3

  • There seems to be some consternation about the ending of Mass Effect 3. Chances are, if you are reading this blog, that you either have played, are playing, or plan to play at some point in the future. In any case, I don't know what the ending is. But anyone who has followed the series to this point is probably very invested in how the trilogy wraps up. Bioware released a flowchart showing how the suicide mission in ME2 would turn out depending on your decisions. I'm hoping the at some point down the road they do the same thing for ME3. Just not yet because I want to finish the game. I have a vague guess at how the game ends, but I'm really bad at making predictions.

  • I haven't been able to play too often over the last weekend (house guests and my daughter's birthday curtailed my gaming for a few days). But the nights I did play saw me up much later than is good for my aging self. As I've advanced in the game, the twists and turns in the story have driven me to keep playing one more mission. It's almost like the Civilization "One More Turn" trap, only each mission is thirty minutes long.

  • I continue to dislike most of the shooting dudes stuff, mostly because I'm slow and the game is so very fast and confusing. I did stick with the Casual difficulty, though. Dropping to Narrative mode would make me a failure as a gamer.

  • On the other hand, this is as good as Mass Effect has ever been by giving you hard choices to make. One character just made me an offer last night before I went to bed that has my head spinning. I know that if I follow my gut, it will hurt the war effort in the long run. But I can't bring myself to sacrifice my principles, even with the galaxy at stake.

  • And that's why I keep playing. Even when I told myself I would wait. Even though I need to get some sleep. Even though I'll regret it in the morning. Actually, I never regret it that much.

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