Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random Shots: Why I Bought A PlayStation 4

  • Yesterday was a crazy day. The announcement that Microsoft has capitulated on their DRM plans made next generation a two console race again. So when I got home from work last night, I went to my computer, gathered up all of my gift cards, and put down my preorder.
  • For the PlayStation 4.
  • This is an unusual situation for me. I've never been a Sony fanboy. I've never bought a PlayStation as a primary console. Late in their generations, I did get used PS1 and PS2's to play a few console exclusives (DQ7 and Fear Effect stand out). But even in the face of the PS2's overwhelming popularity, I was a Dreamcast/Xbox guy. No more.
  • I'm going with the Playstation 4 for a couple of reasons. I like that Sony is courting indie developers. I loved XBLA this generation. If everyone is switching to the new platform, I want to go with them. I can't just let Transistor come out and not get to play. And the price is just better. I don't want a Kinect. I don't want Microsoft's fancy TV watching options. I want a game machine. And it sounds like that's what Sony is delivering. That's it. The decision was that close for me.
  • There has to be competition in the market. Each time Sony or Microsoft became the clear winner, they became arrogant and their product went to hell. I'm jumping ship now because Sony is the underdog this time, and I'm excited about how hungry they are to take on their opponent's Goliath.

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  1. I'm leaning towards a PS4 as well, both before and after MS's announcement. I have to ask though, why bother with a preorder? Why not just wait until they go on sale and get one?

    I just feels way to early to spend money on either console yet.

    1. It was a desperate attempt to secure a console at launch. I'm sure it will come to nothing and I'll have to wait until January to get one, but my fingers are crossed.