Tuesday, July 15, 2008

News Filter: Interesting Stuff from E3 2008

  • It's that crazy time of year again. That's right, it's E3. Though a pale shadow of the bacchanals of prior years, this is still the season for everyone to make their big announcements about what we'll be looking forward to for Christmas and beyond. Already I've seen some great stuff and I'm eager to see more.
  • A couple new trailers have been released for Fallout 3. I still get a chill every time I hear Ron Perlman say that famous line, "War. War never changes." I continue to be cautiously optimistic for no particular reason whatsoever.
  • The big news for the Xbox 360 seems to be that Final Fantasy XIII will be coming to the console, at least in North America and Europe. Since this was previously annouced as exclusive to the Playstation 3, this is quite the shift. I always love when an announcement comes out like this to excite and exasperate the fanboy throngs.
  • I watched Peter Molyneux's appearance at the Microsoft presentation wherein he told us that Fable II is actually finished. There wasn't much a reaction from the crowd, but I'm looking forward to this games since I really enjoyed Fable.
  • While I was hoping to hear more about other games, like Warhammer and Guild Wars 2, there are still a few days for them to make an appearance. I'll post more if anything comes up.


  1. That is great news about Final Fantasy XIII!

  2. I have to admit to being interested in a Final Fantasy game for the first time since Tactics Advance because of this.