Thursday, July 17, 2008

News Filter: More Interesting Stuff from E3 2008

  • I honestly don't know how I forgot this last time, but one of the more exciting revelations from E3 this year was the new information about Rock Band 2. The combination of over 80 new tracks, 20 new free downloads after release backward compatibility for prior downloads, and the ability to import tracks from the first game has got me really excited. All this tells me that Harmonix has focused on making this new iteration a great fan experience.

  • The ubiquitous World of Warcraft has finally made its widely rumored achievement system to be released with Wrath of the Lich King. Although this kind of thing can be very popular, it ends up being both a blessing and a curse. Hopefully Blizzard knows enough to use achievement to encourage positive behaviors instead of negative ones. (I'm looking at you, Survivor title from Guild Wars.)

  • Also in the long rumored and now confirmed column is word that Bioware really has been working on an MMO based on Knights of the Old Republic. Finally the teasing is over. Will this do for Star Wars fans what Star Wars Galaxies could not? No clue until we hear a little more, so I maintain my stance of cautious optimism. (I don't get Guarded Wariness stance unless I respec.)

  • No, I don't give a damn about DC Universe Online. I've been waiting for a Champions game for almost twenty years and I'm not waffling now.

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