Thursday, July 17, 2008

Microfiction: Reaction Shots

  • Dorothy: "This is so terrible. So many innocent children just gone. My husband and I drove three hours to be here. We don't have any children in school anymore, but it felt like we should be a part of this. It's just so terrible."
  • Terry: "You know who the real villain here is? George Bush. Bush and Cheney and Karl Rove and all those gun-loving, NRA card-carrying rednecks who would rather that everyone had a gun than made sure something like this could never happen again."
  • Diana: "Please, can you just leave me alone? Please?"
  • Cassandra: "That coulda been me in there. My psych class is on the same floor, 'cept on a different day. Too bad he didn' try on Tuesday. I've carried this handgun since I was fifteen years old. I would have shot his ass dead."
  • Jamie: "Yes, it's awful what happened inside. It's almost as big of a God-damned tragedy as what's going on out here. I didn't come down here to mourn for your cameras. I'm not going to cry to get on TV. And I'm not here to help you win your ratings timeslot for the night."

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