Monday, August 3, 2009

News Filter: Champions Online Offers Lifetime Subscriptions

  • By way of Syp from Bio Break, we get news that Champions Online is now offering a lifetime subscription to their game. The catch?

  • Come on, you knew there would be a catch.

  • The catch is you have to purchase the lifetime subscription by September 1. How is that a catch, you might ask, unaware that I'm going to type all of this whether you do or not? The game is scheduled for release on September 1, so only people in the beta will know whether or not they want to pay for the game at all, much less two hundred dollars for the lifetime deal. (Okay, yes, there is the $60 for six months deal but that's boring!)

  • I'm in a dilemma about this. Time to break out the numbered list:

    1. I know so little about this game that I made a huge blogging faux pas recently. I want to make an informed decision and I don't know enough to do so.

    2. I've been waiting for a Champions game since April 1992. I'm not kidding about this.

    3. Two hundred dollars is a lot of money. A lot of money. Can I afford to pay that much in this economy? Would my wife let me pay that much in this economy?

    4. If I'd have known back then what I know now, I would have signed up for the Lord of the Rings Online lifetime subscription. I don't know if I've paid $200 in subscription fees for that game, but I would have played a lot more if I took the lifetime option.

    5. The NDA still hasn't been lifted on the beta and we are less than a month away from release. That is never a good sign.

    6. Even worse, the NDA is keeping the good stuff from coming out as much as hiding the bad. No one can get enthusiastic online if they can't talk about the game.

    7. Still, it's Champions, man. Champions!

  • For now, my credit card is firmly stuck in my wallet which I don't keep in my computer room for a reason. I just don't know enough to make that kind of commitment to one game. My taste in games has been so flighty lately, I'm not sure I'd make it past thirty days. Oh well, I still have a few weeks to decide, right?

  • Good thing I haven't memorized my credit card number.

  • For more insight, make sure you read Green Armadillo's thoughts over at Player Versus Developer where he ponders the why and wherefores of lifetime subscriptions in general and for Champions in particular.

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