Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Shots: Epic Blogging Fail

  • The bullet points are going to fly today, so keep your head down and stay behind cover.

  • I wrote a 450 word blog post last night about the art/product/service nature of MMOs. Then I read it, decided it was horrid, and deleted it so you wouldn't have to read it. You are welcome.

  • The news is out that Jeff Strain has left NCsoft. That doesn't mean anything bad for Guild Wars 2 but I occasionally have trouble quelling my skeptical nature. Just last September, he was promoted to president of product development. What the hell happened with NCsoft in ten months? Whatever the case, Jeff helped make the first online game I fell in love with. Best of luck to you, sir.

  • By way of Massively, details of the Champions Online early start are emerging. Looks like GameStop and Best Buy customers will get into the game starting August 28. I wonder if it's too late to request some vacation time.

  • It took me four weeks to read Casino Moon by Peter Blauner. I'm now thirty pages from the end of Jason Starr's Fake I.D. after only a week. I don't think I can blame myself for the difference. Reviews to come.

  • Been chatting with someone about making a podcast. Am I crazy?

  • Here's a pet peeve for you: I hate the rhetorical style of asking and answering your own questions. It feels to me like the speaker is controlling both sides of a conversation. In the prior bullet point, I had to stop myself from adding my own response because I really do want to hear an answer. Otherwise, you would assume the question was rhetorical and never respond.

  • That was a subtle hint to leave a comment.

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  1. On your first point, I do that too. I still have a couple of abortions sitting in the "drafts" section of my blog. I like to read them every once in a while and then cry myself to sleep weeping tears of shame.