Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Shots: Why Blog?

  • There is a rash of frustration in the MMO blogging community lately. Tobold is wondering whether his long form posts are worth the effort. Openedge1 from Dichotomy of the Gamers Blogosphere Age of Conan News Source is bummed out that readers haven't welcomed his excitement about Age of Conan. And Pete from Dragonchasers is hanging up his blogger cap because the coarsening of discourse in the community.

  • Occasionally I reevaluate why I spend my time blogging. I don't have a great number of people reading my blog. I rarely get any comments. And I rarely see my posts linked on other sites. If all I was looking for was validation from the community, I'd be dying my hair black and cutting myself by now. That isn't why I'm doing this.

  • I blog because I like to write. I blog because I want to share my interests with people. I blog because I think that the most fascinating conversations about gaming are taking place in the MMO blogging community and I want to take part in that. The second those three things are no longer true, I will shut Bullet Points down. But these are all personal reasons. No one outside the blog will affect that.

  • There is too much good stuff out there to talk about. If one jerky blogger or one bad game makes us reconsider blogging, it's probably a sign of a larger issue. In that case, take a break and enjoy your free time. We'll be here waiting if you have something new to say.

  • I do want to thank all of my readers. I hope I provide at least a couple minutes of entertainment for your day. Thank you to my commenters, especially frequent visitors Yeebo, Ardwulf, and Openedge1, for participating in the conversation. And thanks to everyone who does throw a link my way. Every time I show up on Tipa's Daily Blogroll or Syp's /AFK list, I get a warm fuzzy.

  • I'm not going anywhere any time soon. Any blogging breaks in the near future would only be due to Champions Online taking up all of my free time. However since this blog is more for my benefit than any other, I'm sure I will have lots to say for a long time to come.

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  1. If you don't start talking about me and my blog more often, I'm going to shut it down.

  2. @ Ethic - Oh noes! Kill Ten Rats is one of my favorites! You can't put this burden on me. /sob

  3. Hmm. That will do for now, I guess. Be more careful next time. Your words hold great power and with great power comes... something. I forget.

  4. "There is too much good stuff out there to talk about. If one jerky blogger or one bad game makes us reconsider blogging, it's probably a sign of a larger issue."

    Nailed it. Great post.

    Oh, and well played Ethic, well played...

  5. @ Yeebo - Thanks for the compliment, here and on your blog.

    @ Ethic - I will try. It would help if you were posting more than once or twice a month the last few months. /emote runs and hides.

  6. *heads into the server room to pull the plug*

    See what you have done? Whatever will Zubon do with all his free time now?

    Did someone mention jerky? I love jerky, like on a road trip when you get hungry and stop at a gas station. They have those jars of jerky. I wonder what meat is really in them, if it's meat at all. Still it is really tasty. Jerky. Yum.