Thursday, August 20, 2009

News Filter: Guild Wars 2 Trailer Arrives

  • I woke up this morning to discover that ArenaNet really did it. The trailer for Guild Wars 2 is now out! (Yes, that deserved an exclamation point.) Get over to the site and check it out. Because this is an MMO blog and I have to keep my pundit credentials up to date, I'll try to comment. The problem is all I want to say is "Squee!"

  • The animated concept art beginning was pretty cool. The first couple shots had me worried, but I really started to get into it as the scenes got more involved. I would have been okay (and that okay is in finger quotes) if that had been the whole trailer.

  • When they actually faded in the gameplay section, I was hooked. There has been a part of me that was worried after reading the fluffy preview bits about the game that A.Net was changing the franchine too dramatically. I shouldn't have worried. Everything here looked like the Guild Wars I remembered, only better. (Did everyone catch the day and night scene? I think that's A.Net proving a point.)

  • GW2 has fallen off my radar in the last year, but this trailer has renewed my faith. Squee!

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  1. The trailer was very well done. Almost makes me want to play. :-)

  2. @ Literary Feline - Almost? I'll have to work harder.