Wednesday, June 9, 2010

News Filter: GW2 Announces The Warrior (On Purpose This Time)

  • After leaving us hanging for at least six whole days, ArenaNet has released its next round of previews for Guild Wars 2. This release sees the formal announcement of the Warrior profession (previously mentioned in the Elementalist preview). As well, game designer Ben Miller explains the trait system, something that I wasn't even aware of before. For more info, Ravious has posted his typically insightful thoughts at Kill Ten Rats.

  • Like with the elementalist, ArenaNet is preserving the flavor of the warrior with mechanics like building adrenaline and having different play styles for different weapon types. At the same time, shouts (like the current paragon), chain skills, and the soon-to-be-iconic Battle Standard give it a unique feel. Not that I'll be playing a warrior in this game either, but it sounds interesting so far.

  • While it was in the warrior preview, we also get a closer look at how tying skills to weapon will work. The ability to swap skills just my changing weapon set sounds really powerful, essentially allowing you to update your skill bar in the middle of the battle. I'll be very interested to see how that plays out with other professions as well.

  • Somehow I did not notice any mention of traits prior to this overview article, even though it reference conversations going on in the forums. It sounds like a cool mix of perks, talents, and deeds from other games. And the fact that they can be swapped out anytime outside of combat reinforces that ArenaNet is committed to allowing experimentation and flexibility for characters. Not that I ever doubted, but it's not to have more confirmation.

  • If there is one thing that bugs me, it's that we only know about two of the professions so far. I don't want to wait to get them all!

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  1. Looks pretty cool, but I hope that the voice comments in the videos aren't a part of the game. Stuff like that is funny the first 50 times, but eventually everyone is going to get sick of it.

  2. @ Blue Kae - I was watching the videos at work (shhh... don't tell anyone) so I didn't hear any of the shout. I'll have to watch them again.

  3. You don't have headphones? My are surgically attached while I'm in the office, I just move them between my Zune and my laptop. Gotta have something to block out the inane conversations my cube neighbor has on his phone with his wife. Unfortunately our internet doesn't do Youtube too well, the pipe's a bit narrow.