Monday, June 7, 2010

Played Lately: Master Of Orion

  • Master of Orion is one of those games that defined the gamer that I am today. Back in 2007 when I began this blog, I listed it as one of my Top Five PC Games. It has been thirteen years since the game came out. But if I were to remake that list today, it would still hold a position.

  • I recently bought a second copy of MoO from Good Old Games. Since my first copy is on 3 1/2 inch floppies and I haven't owned a drive for years, I was overjoyed to see it released on GOG. $5.99 is a perfect price for up-to-date and easy access to this game (bundled with MoO2).

  • So, how does the game hold up? The best review I can give you is that I did not get to sleep until 3 AM this morning. I had to check the clock twice to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I remember playing so long in my younger years that some days I would not stop playing until the singing birds would tell me that I has stayed up all night. It obviously hasn't lost its "Just One More Turn" hook.

  • I decided to start on easy just to get my feet underneath me. I rolled the humans because their diplomacy bonus is a big help. And I chose the green flag because I love those ship designs.

  • So far, it's exactly the game I remember. Exactly the game I lost so many nights to. Now I just have to keep my willpower strong because I can't afford to miss any work.

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  1. MOO is one of my top five games, too. (MOM is up there, too.) I was extremely happy to see resurrect it. Would that more games were designed so well. It's always sad to me that the industry has chased bling over solid game design.

    Oh, and I love the Silicoids. Yeah, they are slow, but I can build almost *anywhere*. Well, them and the Psilons. Yummy, yummy research. :)

  2. @ Tesh - I love all the different races in MoO. The Psilons were my go-to race when I wanted to dominate the game. Their research bonuses were insane.

  3. So what about MoOIII, was that any good or is it best to stick with the previous games?

  4. @ Jayedub - This is going to sound awful, but I don't remember if I played MoOIII or not. I'll have to check my binder and see if I own the discs. Hmm...