Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Shots: A Weekend Without Internet

  • Just got back from vacation, which is why I have not posted in a few days. Not that I planned to be AFK for so long. My in-laws wireless router wouldn't accept the passkey, so I could only sneak a little time on their PC. Just enough to clear up my junk mail folder really. But going without internet did let me focus on other things.

  • Since my beautiful bride and I were out of town for a wedding, it was the perfect time to road test my new laptop. It works like a charm, has a great battery life with the economy options set, and did everything I asked of it. Including a game of Master of Magic. It is amazing how hard it is to stop hitting that Next Turn button. Thank goodness for Good Old Games for keeping these older games available and running. They're perfect for my little laptop.

  • Going without an internet connection also let me focus on my gamebook. The full skeleton is laid out at exactly one hundred sections. I actually came up a little short, but then used the extra sections to flesh out one rather short encounter. I'm working on writing up the rules now. I may post them early so that people can give them a read over while I'm doing the actually writing. Oh, and I need to flowchart my encounters as well. I'd hate to discover that I have some weird recursion or stranded sections that you can't actually get to.

  • On the blog, I'm hoping to get posts up about The Serpent Lantern and Red Dead Redemption. Of course, I need to finish the first and collect all my thoughts about the second. Even though it has been over a week, the ending of RDR still stays with me. Mass Effect 2 has a serious contender for game-of-the-year, now.

  • Now that I'm back in front of my home computer, I have a lot of catching up to do. So many blogs and podcasts and writing and gaming to accomplish. Have fun, everyone!

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  1. Got my SL post up today, since you were chatting with me Thursday night you already heard about the low point, but things did get better. I'm interested to compare experiences with you.

    Hmmm ME2 or RDR. Yeah, I'm not sure about which I'd pick. I think I would go ME2 just because I was also so in love with ME1. RDR was really great, but it was also a surprise since I haven't been a GTA or Rockstar fan before now. So RDR would be a very very very close second.

  2. Wow, now you've got me REAAALLY intrigued for RDR...I'm not even halfway through yet, just managed to open up Mexico. I thought Mass Effect 2's ending was flipping fantastic (all versions of it, really) so to hear it compared to RDR's is making me really excited.

  3. I'm flipping to play RDR, I've heard nothing but good things about it.

  4. Yeebo, hope we haven't over hyped it for you.

  5. No way, RDR is awesome Yeebo, you need to go out and buy it!!

  6. @ All - I can't say enough good things about RDR. I hope I'm not overhyping it, but it really is a great game.