Thursday, June 17, 2010

News Filter; The Serpent Lantern Rises Over Champions Online

  • Yes, yes. It took me a couple days to get this news up, but I have an excuse. Whether you find Red Dead Redemption to be a proper excuse is up to you. Nevertheless, I really am excited about this update. What update, you say? Excellent question!

  • The Serpent Lantern recently launched for Champions Online. As the first of Cryptic's Adventure Packs, The Serpent Lantern will scale to your level with an optional difficulty slider if you want to face tougher foes for greater rewards.

  • Because superhero games can't hook you by making you chase gear upgrades (at least, not much), I think Champions has to compete by telling great stories. Regular story updates like this that anyone can play will keep me, and I hope others, coming back to the game.

  • I haven't played the update yet, but you can be sure that I'll be taking on those VIPER goons soon enough.

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  1. RDR is an excellent excuse. I've used it myself recently. I'm trying to pry myself out of my new gamebook fetish so I can play through the new adventure pack, wish me luck.

  2. I agree, RDR is as good an excuse as any. I just started it too, trying to pace myself so I can get other things done.

  3. I have purposefully held of on RDR, I know I'd lose days to it. Looking forward to Serpent's Lantern impressions at some point.

  4. 1. I will never, EVER come back to Champions Online, or anything else Cryptic comes up with. CO was a terrible experience for me. Undoubtedly it had good moments, but most of the time I was just pissed off at the way the game handled, and the general lack of polish.

    2. RDR is a great excuse, don't tell yourself otherwise!

  5. I was able to finish RDR story wise just before my move, and I can say that it is worth the sixty bucks, something I can't say about many games I have played on the Xbox and PS3.

  6. @ Blue Kae - I'm looking forward to readying your thoughts on the adventure pack. And since you just posted them, I'll probably be commenting there soon. :)

    @ MMO Gamer Chick - RDR is a great game to lose yourself in. Even though I finished it, I'm actually thinking about continuing just so I can clear up all the side missions.

    @ Yeebo - I just started the pack last night, so I'll get something up just as soon as I get through it.

    @ Bronte - Can't really argue with that. If I didn't have the lifetime sub, it would be hard to justify paying $15 to go back to the game.

    @ Jayedub - Excellent! I'm going to set the comments to my eventually RDR post as a spoiler section because I'm interested to see how you and everyone else reacted to it.