Wednesday, July 21, 2010

News Filter: Champions Online Still Ambulatory

  • Not sure how I missed it, so thank to Blue Kae for pointing out the newest State of the Game post for Champions Online. He already did a great job breaking down the post, so check it out on his blog.

  • Earlier in the year, Cryptic laid out a plan to alternate patch releases to alternate between system updates and content additions. In the latest SotG, Poz (CO's executive producer) essentially tells us the plan is still in place. The next patch will include another power rebalance, this time focusing on pet powers. We also get various quality of life updates like improved interface elements, costume updates, and an additional difficulty setting. For some people impossible is not hard enough.

  • Then on the horizon is the next adventure pack, The Demonflame. After hearing so much about Qliphoth throughout the game, it will be nice to finally see the demon dimension in person. Plus, I'm hoping that they will drop a bunch of the mystical crafting items because I'd really like to craft my travel power someday.

  • I wrote earlier in the month that I was afraid that Cryptic was too quiet about their superhero game. I'm glad to see that my fears were unfounded. I look forward to seeing all of these new goodies in the game.

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  1. With Going Rogue just around the corner, it might be good for Cryptic to mention what they are planning to do. I have to believe that there are some who will be interested in the new expansion meaning a small drop in population on the servers.

    I have been toying with the idea of reactivating my old CO account, but I am also interested in what Going Rogue will add to CoH.

  2. @ Jayedub - Even more, DCUO is right around the corner too. I'm not a huge fan of the DC universe, but I'm curious how the game would turn out.