Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Shots: Too Much Stuff Today

  • I hope you like bullet points, because I've got quite a few today.

  • I usually don't throw out links to other blog posts without a little commentary, but I think Melmoth absolutely nails it.

  • ArenaNet finally acknowledged my profession of choice today: the Ranger. I can finally breathe easy that my eventual Guild Wars 2 character will be just how I want her. More excellent commentary can be had from Ravious at Kill Ten Rats. I still kind of hoping that at least one of the eight will be an entire new class not found in GW.

  • I know that bow wielding classes are the classic noob fodder, but I want to point out that I deleted every hunter I ever tried in WoW. Hate that class.

  • While I'm thinking out loud, why weren't firearms listed on the allowed weapons list for rangers? Will there be a specialty firearms profession? Musketeer? Marksman? Rifleman?

  • While this is becoming "The Post About GW2" anyway, did you call catch the healing and death? Every time I read one of these things, it reminds me about how little innovation happens in every other MMO. I love Champions to pieces, but they still couldn't avoid many of the standard MMO assumptions. Like how ArenaNet tried to answer the problems with UO and EQ with Guild Wars, they are going even further with GW2 and I love them for it.

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  1. Meh more CGI footage. Not impressed

  2. @ Hudson - I'm confused about what you're referring to. All of the skill footage they're showing is in-game, just with a free camera.

  3. i'm also confused by the comment about CGI. since when has GW ever used much CGI at all?

    anet has said there will be at least one brand new class.

  4. @ Hunter - Sweet! That's not going to stop me from playing my beloved ranger, but I'm glad there will something new to try.

  5. I would totally play a musketeer. Love using guns in fantasy MMOs for some reason.

  6. Anjin, you don't like hunters? For shame, the bow wielding class is often the first one I try out in a game. Love the hunter class in LotRO especially.