Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Shots: I Am Destroyed

  • Since I do a lot of my writing from work, and work has been crazy lately, I haven't had the chance to do any long form blogging. So I'm going to take advantage of the bullet point format to clear my head a little. I'll try not to complain about the job much.

  • I picked up a copy of Puzzle Quest 2 last weekend. That is just about the only gaming I've done all week. Thank goodness PQ2 is actually a good sequel. Otherwise I'd be doing zero gaming.

  • I have been playing one other game: the "How Far Can Steam Reach Into My Wallet" game. I'm coming out well so far, but the Telltale Complete Pack is really tempting.

  • Since RDR at up so much of my gaming time, I never really followed up on my Age of Conan excursion. The sub has already dinged its second month, so I hope to get back in there soon.

  • Speaking of RDR, I still have to write that game up. But where do I start? Especially since so many of you have already done such a great job, what else is there to say?

  • The great and powerful E3 came and went with about as much flash and as much substance as a certain green-clad magician. Out of everything I read and watched online, the only games I'm really excited about are Civilization V and Portal 2. Both PC games, too. Maybe my console gaming focus will be winding down soon.

  • Still plugging away at the gamebook and the book-book. The gamebook I'm hacking at during my lunch break and work. The just-a-book I'm writing in the evenings. Actually, I should be doing that now, but instead I'm venting to all of you kind people. Just goes to show how much I care about you.

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  1. Oh, how awesome, I've been playing the "How Far Can Steam Reach Into My Wallet" game myself! No matter how hard I try, I'm just a total fail at it...the Borderlands deal is the latest level that's kicking my ass, I'm afraid.

  2. Work hit me pretty hard last month. Things have finally wound down for a while and I've been catching up on my blog browsing.

    AoC has a deal going until the 15th of July where I can try the new expansion for free. I fully intend to at least have a look. I'll likely restart on whatever server you guys are playing.

  3. I've been playing the Steam game as well. I've been doing pretty good so far, but that's mostly because I'd already bought all the games I wanted to play when they first came out. Still, the sale did get my to pick up Kings Bounty and the expansion for Dawn of Discovery finally. I was looking at Borderlands and the expansions, but I'm torn over Steam vs. 360 on that. Plus I've heard that game is really only fun co-op and my gaming schedule doesn't seem to mesh up well with others.

    Good to hear that you're still working on the books, I'm looking forward to the gamebook. :)

  4. I still look forward to reading your thoughts on RDR, see if they are anything like mine.

    My wife informed me today that I have spent just over $106 on Steam games since the sale started. Oops!

  5. Steam have been leaving a whole in my wallet also far the damage report runs about 100$.
    I am set for the rest of the year .. lol
    picked up Borderlands as well ,
    we should look into arranging some co-op games :)

  6. I had no idea PQ2 was out! Thank you for the heads up! I'll probably get it on Arcade, but could wait till its on the PC.