Wednesday, August 18, 2010

News Filter: Poz Punts the Pet Pass

  • Over on the Champions Online forums, executive producer Shannon Posniewski announced that they are holding back the update for pet-based powers because they are not happy with how it is going so far. In his own words:
    So, rather than push something that you and we aren't particularly happy with, we've decided to wait. Without a deadline looming, we can go back and take another look at the problem and possibly come up with another approach to it.

  • That means that the pet powers will remain as they are on the live server, though still receiving the UI updates. But the bulk of the power pass will be held over until the Demonflame adventure pack launches.

  • It would be easy to complain that Cryptic is not following through on a promise, but I think that would be shortsighted. Even the forum community agrees (and when does that ever happen) that postponing the pet pass is better than holding the Summer Update hostage until pets work or pushing an update that no one is happy with. Cryptic has my support for making a brave decision. I'd rather they do it right eventually than wrong now and fix it later.

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  1. I haven't been surfing the CO forums like usual, so thanks for highlighting this.

    I've not been on the test server to look at how the pet powers are now, and I've never played a pet user past level 8 so I really don't have much basis for a comparison. That said, I'm glad that Poz is showing enough flexibility to separate that part from the rest of the Summer Update. He's showing some good leadership traits.

  2. @ Blue Kae - It is good to see that Poz feels confident enough about making tough calls like that.

  3. Between this and Daniel Stahl's new 'slower and do it right the first time' approach to STO, it seems that Cryptic is maybe starting to shift gears?

  4. @ - It feels like Cryptic has been finding their way in post-release support. STO figured it out first, but both games are benefiting now.