Monday, August 9, 2010

Watched Lately: Movie Weekend

  • Sometimes I forget that I like to watch movies. The inertia of my life leaves me doing the same simple things over and over again. So when I remember that there are other things to do, I jump in with both feet. Like this weekend.

  • Salt - My wife and I like to go to a theater when we can. Some movies just deserve to be watched on a massive screen. Salt almost qualifies as a must-see-big film. It is a big, dumb action movie that isn't a dumb as you might expect. It's almost like the writers put some amount of thought into the story they were telling. It's no Die Hard, but that's a pretty big hurdle to clear for an action flick. As it was, it was fun to watch Angelina Jolie kick dudes in the face. And, amazingly enough, the one time in the film she was less than fully clothed was the least sexy part of the movie. How weird is that?

  • The X Files: I Want To Believe - I really enjoyed The X Files back in the day. At least, I enjoyed it up through when the first movie came out. After that, the series went down hill and I gave up on it. So although we didn't catch the new movie in the theater, we still wanted to see it. I'm glad we did because it was cool to see the old characters investigating another terrible mystery. The downside is that it wasn't a mythology story, so it felt like one of the other episodes. I liked those other episodes a lot so that wasn't a problem for me, but some might think that doesn't make for a good film. If you were an X Files fan, you'll probably enjoy this.

  • Religulous - Not going to carry on about this film; religion is a touchy subject. Let me just say that I'm not a huge fan of people making fun of other people's religious beliefs, even when I don't agree with those beliefs. But at the same time, I think Bill Maher is right. Very interesting documentary.

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  1. Jolie has been in a lot of action movies, but for some reason I can never see as an action star. She's much better and more believable in dramas, imo. That said, I'll probably wait to see Salt on DVD.

    And I've seen the X Files: I Want To Believe movie, but I don't remember much about it. Probably because it was more like one of those "other" episodes you were talking about. When it comes to X-files movies, I preferred the first one, aka Fight the Future so much better.