Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Shots: When You're A Necro, Everybody Looks Like A Potential Corpse

  • Many, many things have been happening and I don't have enough time to write about them all. So pretend you're playing a modern third person shooter and duck behind cover. The bullet points are flying now.

  • The Summer Update for Champions Online came out and there are some things I like. First thing I did was explore the redesigned Renaissance Center and visit the tailor. I really like the new look and I love my new costume. I didn't change it much, but Arcfire deserved a more modern costume. Check the sidebar for my latest creation.

  • Heck, I'm not even going to write that much about Everquest 2 Extended. Go read Yeebo's post for which my response is "Ditto." SOE doesn't get free-to-play at all. Just like with Free Realms, they seem to think this is an extended trial with the goal of getting people to subscribe. But then they've screwed that up my making the subscription a worse deal than in the main game. Such a wasted opportunity. Nonetheless, I'm going to play at the Bronze level as long as I continue to enjoy soloing. Maybe, just maybe, I'll upgrade to Silver just to unlock some bag slots, but I'll have to be really into the game to bother.

  • ArenaNet has released their announcement webpage for the Necromancer. My reaction was a decided "Meh." I never liked necros in Guild Wars and I'm not eager to play one now. However if you are interested in the black arts, head over to Hunter's blog where he has a great breakdown of the profession.

  • Finally, I can't let the "Used Games = Piracy" controversy go without comment. From a purely rhetorical perspective, I understand where Tycho was coming from: a lost sale is a lost sale from the developer's perspective. But while everyone is blowing up, it's important to remember the context from which the observation was made. Players of used and pirated games can access many online features without paying the developers and publishers a cent, and that is idiotic from a business point of view. People should have the option to do what they choose with their possessions, including sell or transfer them. But game companies should not required to support the secondhand market for free.

  • At the same time, though, the level of rhetoric really should be moderated. Accusing people who buy used games of moral equivalency with pirates does not help the conversation. Yes, we need to support the developers who make the games we love. But at the same time, you are not a bad person just because you do your shopping at GameStop.

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  1. About the used games debate...honestly, I get where the game developers are coming from. But I really do think instead of taking it out on consumers, they might get better results by pressuring the retailers.

    I do get most of my games new, but I buy my share of used games as well. The ones I'm excited for and that I want to play, I'll buy it new right away. The ones I'm not so keen on but I'm curious about anyway, I'll probably get used at a cheaper price. The way I see it, when I'm caught between buying it used or not buying it at all, the game company isn't getting money from me either way.

    Because of this, used games have a tendency to surprise me sometimes, when I get blown away when I wasn't expecting much at all. In which case the company DOES make money off of me when I buy the sequel :P

  2. On the games debate, saying that buyers of used games are pirates is akin to saying that anyone that shops at salvation army is a shoplifter. Completely ridiculous.

    At the same time, if I manufactured games I would embed mechanics that made the game as useless as possible to someone that buys it from a reseller. The purchase of a product new in no way implies that it will have any resale value. If you want guarantees, you should be going for bonds rather than consumer goods.

    Don't know if you guys follow Ardwulf's lair. He has started a casual guild on the EQIIX server that takes bronzes, and I can attest that everyone I have met there there is very laid back and friendly.

    In any case, my main on the FtP server is Grizlith. Send hima shout if you see him :-)

  3. gotta agree with your sentiments on used games. perfectly reasonable when so many other bloggers have their heads up their ass with some obnoxious opinion.

  4. So if buying used games is legal, then it's ok for me to pirate games again. Sweet, I'm off to download many many games now!!

  5. @ Blue Kae - Many thanks.

    @ MMOGamerChick - Absolutely. I would have never bought Assassin's Creed II new is I hadn't bought AC1 used. And some games are overpriced when new. I'm having a lot of trouble wanting to buy Alpha Protocol at $60. But if I find a used price (or if the new price falls enough) I'll go that route instead.

    @ Yeebo - True, very few videogames have any sort of return on investment.

    I've joined Ardwulf's guild and have enjoyed the company online. Anyone interested in the game should join up!

    @ Hunter - I think Tycho being so provocative put a lot of people on the defensive. That's probably not a healthy way to have a philosophical discussion, but at least the discussion is going on.

    @ Jayedub - Ha. Ha. Ha.

  6. @Anjin: what is your guy's name?

  7. @ Yeebo - I have an inquisitor named Khyra. Enjoying her quite a bit, so far.