Wednesday, July 27, 2011

News Filter: THQ Takes A Sledgehammer To Red Faction

  • Giant Bomb is reporting that THQ is putting the Red Faction series out of its misery, citing poor sales for the franchise. Considering how poorly Red Faction: Armageddon performed, both as a game and on the sales chart, this comes as no surprise. What should be surprising is that this is the same franchise that spawned Red Faction: Guerrila.
    CLICHÉ ALERT: THQ is tossing out the bathwater and the baby is going right along with it.

  • As you watch me shake my head, don't mistake this as some disapproval toward THQ. They had their reasons and they are definitely the right ones. No, the head shaking you see is an echo of the one started way back when Armageddon first came out and it was nothing like Guerrila.

  • I suspect that Volition, the developers of the Red Faction series, decided after Guerrila that they needed to return to their roots and design a game that was closer to the first two. But for the life of me, I can't figure out why. Guerrila was a fascinating game. It even inspired a brilliant song. Whatever their reason, it did not work. Oh well.

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