Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Shots: Damages, A Steam Sale Story

  • The Steam Summer Sale came and went with barely a notice by most. I suspect that so many people engorged themselves at prior sales to such a degree that this year's sale had little to offer most people. The same could be said of me, but I did find a few deals that I could not pass up. First, the games I've actually played.

    • Frozen Synapse - Holy crud, this game is an interesting as it is frustrating. I have resigned myself to not being good at it, but it's kind of fun to order dudes around in five second increments and watching them blast the hell out of one another.

      EDIT: I bought the version with the soundtrack because, Damn, it is really good. Really good.

    • Super Meat Boy - Although I have only played a little bit, I already understand why everyone likes this game so much. It is demanding, but the levels always seem fair. And I love the graphic style of both the cutscenes to the game itself. SMB is a testament to the ability of a small team (two people!) to make a great game. I need to find more time to play.

    • Monday Night Combat - I tried the demo before and enjoyed it. Just not enough to buy it. When it went on a crazy discount, I did not have any more excuses.

  • As for games I haven't tried yet, each with a tip of the hat to who convinced me to buy them:

    • Trine - Trine became on of several memes running through the Idle Thumbs podcast. I didn't try it back when it was hot, but I'm curious to see if it lives up to the hype.

    • Mount & Blade: Warband - I have to blame Syncaine for this. I thought M&B was okay, but I didn't get deep into it. Syncaine's stories have made me very curious about both the game and the available mods.

    • AI War: Fleet Command - I'm pretty sure (Sort of sure? Have a hunch?) that I hear about AI War on the Gamers With Jobs Conference Call. Not that is matters where, a game of galactic conquest against an AI that ramps up in difficulty the more successful you are sounds really interesting. There seems to be a needle you have to thread where you conquer just enough to drive your war effort, but not so much that you wake the dragon and get overwhelmed.

  • The only thing I didn't get from the sale is more time to play everything. Maybe they'll put that up for the Christmas sale. Please?

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  1. I can highly recommend Warband, Trine and Super Meat Boy, three very different, very good games.

  2. @ Bronte - Glad I made some good choices. Now I just have to play them. :)