Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Shots: CEs The Way God Intended Them

  • Oh look! An honest-to-goodness controversy in the MMO community. Thank goodness to Bioware because this place has been getting awfully stale. For those of you who don't know.... Excuse me for a second.

  • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Heh Heh. Oh boy.

  • Sorry about that, we all know what we're talking about here. Is $150.00 too much? Is it, dare I ask, too little? Let's look at what the community has to say:

    • MMO Gamer Chick decided to listen to her wallet when it came to preordering, even though she is one of the game's biggest proponents (at least from my point of view). And although I want to, I'm not giving away the addendum to her post.

    • The Ancient Gaming Noob, also going CE-less, discussed the included authenticator. He's right about its necessity. If SWTOR is going to be the next big thing, it is going to be a huge target for all kinds of nefarious activity. Hopefully EA/Bioware gets out front with security (as opposed to Trion who had to play a very fast catch up) or they will face all kinds of problems.

    • Syp from Bio Break ordered his as soon as humanly possible. And then to rub all of our noses in it, he made a list of all of the goodies he'll be playing with any day now.

    • And as crazy as it seems, Syncaine of Hardcore Casual is a lot closer to my point of view than I'm really comfortable with. Let me quote:
      My plan for SW:sRPG is to pick it up for $5 on a Steam sale a few months after release. At that point I’m sure most will have moved on and I can enjoy the game in peace, without the hassle of others to ruin my immersion*.

    • Kill Ten Rats has been silent on the issue. What is going on over there?

      EDIT: Well, look here. Someone just remembered that they own a blog. (Hi Ethic!)

  • Although I said I agree with Syncaine, I'm actually a little more torn than that. I love the idea of preordering and collector's editions. I'm just not sure I love SWTOR. I want to be caught up in the hype like everyone else, but will I really miss anything if I wait a couple months for the mania to fade? Probably not.

  • That said, the collector's edition does sound amazing. And considering the audience, I think Bioware would sell out at $200. You folks may actually be getting a deal.

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  1. I decided to go with the digital delux edition instead. I assume you'll be able to buy authenticators separately.

    If I were you I would wait, since (if I remember correctly) you've mentioned you weren't a fan of the KoTOR games. From my point of view it only has to be as good as what I'd expect from KoTOR III and I'll get my mony's worth. However, if you need it to be more than that to not feel ripped off, it makes sense to wait and see what happens at launch.

  2. Yes, I am a HUGE proponent of the game...but if EA and BioWare think I'm going to love them regardless of anything they do like slapping a $150 price tag on a CE (the contents of which aren't even all that impressive, I might add) then I want what they're smoking.

    Yeebo made a good point on my blog though, pointing out that the statue must be worth at least $65 if it's anything like the other statues on the Gentle Giant website. If that's something you like, then I can see the CE actually being a "good deal".

    IMO though, including the statue was a huge risk, if this was any other game I think it would have turned people OFF from the CE. Of course, being Star Wars it's selling like hot cakes.

    Anyway, I agree with the necessity of the authenticator, but no doubt there will be a free app later on for mobile devices anyway.

  3. Kill Ten Rats is no longer silent, and shares effectively the same viewpoint that I do, and have in the past. $150 for a CE is NONSENSE sir, NONSENSE!

  4. I've apparently misjudge how crazy some people are for Star Wars based on how many people I know are getting the CE. Good for them, but I still think they're nuts.

  5. @ Yeebo - I assume you are correct about the authenticators. It would be supremely silly to do otherwise. If I did end up trying the game, I suspect I would get the digital deluxe as well. I just love all the little extras. Sad, I know.

    @ MMOGC - Blue just said it and I think he is right: this CE is not aimed at MMO fans, it's for Star Wars fans. And those people, the ones who are left, are crazy.

    @ Bronte - I prodded them into action! Woo hoo! I shall try not to use my abilities for evil.

    @ Blue Kae - I wonder how those people will feel six months after launch. I mean, I bought the WAR CE and, well, it turned out not to be such a great deal.