Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watched Lately: HGTV

  • I have have to turn in my Geek Card (yes, I have a Geek Card), but I can't keep this to myself anymore: I'm hooked on HGTV.

  • It happened a few weeks ago after my entire family caught the same cold. My wife, my baby, and I were all sick and grumpy. Not feeling well enough to do anything but care for our miserable child, my wife turned on the TV and flipped channels until an episode of House Hunters came on. I was hooked.

  • Now most nights, and most weekends, I do nothing but watch people shop for houses or apartments, prepare their homes for sale, or landscape and decorate their homes. As I mentioned to MMO Gamer Chick via Twitter, watching these people work and shop is so comforting.

  • It's dangerous too, because I often find myself thinking "We should do something like that here." I'm draw primarily to the landscaping and decorating shows, like Curb Appeal: The Block and Candice Tells All, because I love all of the ideas they throw around. Not that I would ever go to such extremes, but I do want to steal some of those ideas to spruce up our home.

  • I'm so hooked on the network that my DVR is set up to record HGTV Design Star. I need help. Actually, I need a lot of help if we're going to get this backyard project started. Are you coming?

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