Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Shots: Your Fifteen Minutes Have Arrived

  • As I commented on Bronte's latest post, the Internet just gives and gives and gives.

  • Netflix recently announced that it was splitting up its DVD and streaming services, spinning the DVD rentals off to a new company called Qwikster. I would be indifferent to this news were it not for Jason Castillo. It turns out that someone at Netflix didn't Google the name because the holder of the Qwikster Twitter account is a stoner and a fan of Elmo. Evidently he's waiting for his payout. As Chris Remo tweeted:
    This @Qwikster affair is one of my favorite internet things to happen ever

  • And because things don't get any saner on the Internet, there was this little scuffle on the Twitter account of Mark Davidson. Evidently Mark pays ghost-tweeters to make him look good online. Only he fired one of them but didn't change his password. Hilarity, as it will, ensued.

  • And this is why I spend all day on the Internet, folks.

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  1. Oh that Mark Davidson post is a RIOT!

    And thanks for the link love brother, much appreciated! :D

  2. Twitter ghost writers? Three of them?!?

    I will continue to pay for Netflix, but I'm not too happy with the changes. I didn't mind the price hike too much. Streaming and 3 dvds a month still costs me a lot less than cable and lets me indulge in everything from a month of catching up on silent films to an orgy of Star Trek re-runs as the mood takes me.

    However, having to log into to two different websites to manage my queues is simply annoying. And Quikster is an uttely silly name. Unless there is some connection to chocolate milk mix that I'm unawware of...

  3. Qwikster is a terrible, terrible name anyway.

  4. @ Bronte - Anytime, sir. That image you posted busted me up.

    @ Yeebo - I like the streaming and still get the DVD service for TV shows that aren't available for streaming. Splitting the sites is going to be a headache.

    @ MMOGC - /agree