Tuesday, December 15, 2009

News Filter: CO's Attack Of The Misfit Toys

  • Somewhere along the line, Cryptic decided to throw a winter event like every good MMO should. WoW has the Feast of Winter Veil. EQ2 has Frostfell. GW has Wintersday. And now Champions Online has Attack of the Misfit Toys. Only, I'm not sure they have mentioned it to anyone. So I thought I should do it for them.

  • From the website:
    Join the Champions in defending Millennium City from the Attack of the Misfit Toys. Here are some of the new features you will be able to enjoy:

    • A Special Holiday Event! Confront and defeat Black Harlequin to save the holidays for everyone. But beware, where Black Harlequin goes, the dreaded Clarence is sure to follow.

    • New Costume Pieces! New robotic costume pieces, including a steampunk monocle.

    • New Action Figures! Travel around outdoor zones and assemble eight new action figures.

    • New Perks! Complete them all to earn special costume upgrades.

  • The Clarence they mention there? A giant mechanical teddy bear. How is that not awesome? It has to be.

  • I do like a good holiday event when it shakes up the routine a little without devouring your life. MMOs are so static that having a holiday now and then at least gives the illusion of the world marching on. I'm glad to have an excuse to reinstall the game on my recently reformatted hard drive. Now somebody let the gaming news sites know this is happening, okay?

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  1. They're being a bit odd about announcing this event. There's a link in the comming soon panel to the right, and I did see an announcement on twitter, but nothing on the news page yet.

    Glad to hear you're going to get back in and check out the event. Have you listened to the Podcast of Champions yet?

  2. @ Blue Kae - Doh! I'll try it tonight. :)