Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random Shots: What I Should Be Playing

  • I am a creature of habit. I tend to go with what is comfortable instead of trying something new. This is not because I'm worried I won't like something, but that I know I'll like what I already like. That's why I keep going back to World of Warcraft. That said, I can't help but think about everything else I'm missing out on. In this case, that's the games I'm not playing. Alphabetically, those are:

  • Champions Online - For a game that I have a lifetime subscription for, I don't play it often lately. Since the pressure of the monthly fee is gone, I don't feel the need to get the most out of my time. Of course, I'm not getting anything done at the moment and I have yet to reach level 40.

  • Everquest 2 - I've been reading about EQ2 a lot lately. People are excited about the new expansion and it's hard not to get excited with them. I've always meant to get back to the game. The bug hasn't bit yet, but I suspect I'll be back in Norrath within a few months.

  • Grand Theft Auto IV - One non-MMO that I've been thinking about lately is GTA IV. I really enjoyed the game and the story, though the two didn't always mesh perfectly. But I regret never finishing it. So someday I'd like to try again. Hopefully before GTA V comes out.

  • Lord of the Rings Online - Speaking of exciting expansions, LotRO has every hobbit on the block talking again. I really wish I could figure out what's wrong with my computer because I'd really like to try out those skirmishes.

  • Phantasy Star Portable - What with Phantasy Star Portable 2 already out in Japan, I can't help but think about the first game left unfinished on my PSP. I've tried out the new demo and like how it's been updated (even if it's in Japanese) so I'm really looking forward to that. But I really need do complete this one. Oh, such troubles I have, right?

  • Wizard 101 - Finally, I never game a fair shake to W101. I mentioned in a comment somewhere (if it was your blog, sorry) that the different pay schemes left me paralyzed. I need to get over myself and just play. No one has asked me for money yet, so why worry, right? Someday I would like see a land that's not Wizard City. Someday.

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  1. I've been trying to split my time a little more evenly between Champions and LoTRO with mixed success lately. Mirkwood has definitely exceeded my expectations, both the skirmishes for a "quick snack" and the new zone for extended play. Champions is fun and continues to improve, I'm looking forward to this mystery winter update that Cryptic keeps mentioning.

  2. I am lucky that my account for EQ2 has some free time to play, it will satisfy my hunger for some EQ2 and save me money on a monthly sub that I won't fully use. At least that's what I am hoping.

  3. @ Blue Kae - Mystery winter thing? Okay, I obviously haven't been paying enough attention. Time for a trip to the CO website.

    @ Jayedub - Hope that goes well. I'm not certain where I left my character. Hmm.

  4. Ooops, apparently I misspoke. There's a Winter event and something big early in 2010. See the bottom of this interview for the quote.

  5. @ Blue Kae - Darn it. Now I have two things to look forward to. Guess I'd better get the spandex back out.

    Thanks for the link, BK.

  6. No problem. :) You know if I was a more diligent blogger I would've posted all of this stuff and you'd already know. That may be fodder for a New Year's resolution for me.

  7. I had a heck of a lot of fun on my recent Wizard 101 stint. The key is spending $20 up front and being able to buy new bits as they come up for a month or two, imo. I have bought access to all of the first and second worlds, as well as a lot of the third. I've spent a grand total of maybe $40 over the course of two+ years.

    That said, I have never been super hardcore about it. I'm sure that my opinion is colored by the fact that I have yet to get to the end of the content I've bought so far.

    On LoTRO: I have been forced to pay for what would would have been a free expansion 18 months ago. Despite that, this expansion is really working for me. It fixes 70% of the issues I had with LoTRO in the era of MoM.