Thursday, December 24, 2009

Played Lately: World of Warcraft

  • After reading Tipa's recent exploits in World of Warcraft, I decided take my recently rolled priest and use the Dungeon Finder tool to try out the low level instances. After playing with the new tool for a few day I can safely assert that WoW feels like an entirely different game.

  • You get access to the tool at level 15. If you start immediately, that means you're going to see a lot of Ragefire Chasm. I ended up playing it three times: twice as a shadow specced healer and once as DPS. (No, I couldn't believe I got a DPS slot either.) RFC is kind of a funny place since there are a couple dead end paths you can run down for no apparent reason. Then the first real boss is the final boss for the dungeon, even though there's another guy well past him if you keep going. Thankfully everyone seemed to know about the second guy so (almost) everyone stuck around to finish the run. I leveled up at least twice (thank you, heirloom gear) and saw several others do the same.

  • Once I'd leveled up enough, the dungeon finder threw me into Wailing Caverns. Although I'd found groups in the past for RFC, Wailing Caverns was never an instance I saw at the proper level. I took my level 80 mage through one time to get the achievement, but it's not quite the same. For one thing, playing the instance is freaking slow. That dungeon is huge and kind of confusing. Thankfully someone knew is way around and lead us through. But we had a lot of fun, trashed the giant murloc, and completed the quest.

  • I'm a big fan of the loot bags using the dungeon finder. So far I've pulled a couple of nice random blue items from the bags, as well as the gear I've picked up from the bosses. Along with that and my heirloom shoulders and robe, this is the best geared I've ever had a level 19 character.

  • As much fun as this is, I think using the finder will be even more fun after Cataclysm launches. I really wish that dual talent specializations were available earlier and cheaper. I don't think Shadow healing is going to cut it for very long. None of this is going to stop me, though. There are a lot of original instances that I've seen little of that I'm looking forward to trying now. I look forward to seeing you all in old Azeroth!


  1. I actually redeemed my 7 day free play time, but only have logged on once for a total of about ten minutes. I could see myself getting back into WoW, but LOTRO still have a few months of play time left.

  2. That makes me more interested in the new dungeon finder feature than anything I've read. I have little interest in running the end game 6 mans, but if I could do all the 1-60 instances at the proper level I think I might be able to have some good fun with a new alt. Yours is the first really low level impression of it I've read.

  3. @ Jayedub - Luckily, 7 days is plenty of time to hit level 15 and try the Dungeon Finder out. You just have to be dedicated about it. Heh heh. :)

    @ Yeebo - Even though it's been fun so far, the low levels are going to be flooded with goblins and worgen once the expansion comes out. I bet there will be zero wait for instances then, especially for tanks and healers.