Friday, December 25, 2009

Microfiction: A Holiday Wish, MMO Blogger Edition

  • As befits this Christmastime,
    I feel the urge to write in rhyme.
    So I'd best think of something fast,
    Before this need has come and passed.

  • To players wearing hats tinfoil
    who's rantings cause my blood to boil,
    I wish for you serenity
    'Cause hemorrhages don't come free.

  • For the bloggers who fight and fight
    Sure their opinions must be right,
    Humility would be what fits
    Though arguing will grant more hits.

  • For game designers old and new
    I send to you a frosty brew.
    After reading your message board,
    I'd so get drunk out of my gourd.

  • Game reviewers, oh so jaded,
    who's love of games has abated,
    I hope this seas'n returns the joy
    Like when you were a girl-slash-boy.

  • And finally to my readers few
    Who came with hopes of blog posts new,
    I take to heart your fervent plea
    To ne'er again write poetry.