Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Played Lately: Guild Wars 2

  • After I got done writing my last post about Guild Wars 2, I remembered all of the things that I forgot to mention. Since that post was already too long, here is everything I missed:

  • Launch issues - Just about every game has them. Ardwulf gave a personal view of how it affected him. I did not have any issues outside of an instance change disconnection until I ran into an extended loading screen last night. I count myself extremely fortunate considering what some people have been through.

  • Overflow servers - I've also run into constant overflow servers. Every time I change zones, I get a popup telling me I'm in overflow. Then a couple minutes later they tell me the regular zone is ready. It is completely silly. But since I've only been playing solo, it's not as infuriating as to those who are playing with friends. Also, can someone tell me why the overflow server is always more crowded than the main server?

  • Personal story - I've been enjoying the personal story line quite a bit. I just hit a quest a couple levels above me, so I have to go out and level again. It's funny just how much it feels like a Guild Wars story. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised since it's still ANet, but I was.

  • Vanity guild - Just as in the first game, I made a new guild as soon as I could. So The Brotherhood Of Stone is currently a one person guild on Fort Aspenwood. It is entirely a vanity guild made to support me, myself, and I. However, if you want to wear the [tBoS] tag, just let me know. I'm Anjin.5086.

  • Naming conventions - Considering how many things carry over from the old game, I'm surprised that the convention of taking a first name and a surname did not continue. I couldn't give it up because that is part of the Guild Wars experience for me. But it is alien to me to see so many people falling back into the bog standard MMO mononym. Embrace your creativity!

  • That Reddit thread - Speaking of naming conventions, I'm super glad to seen that ANet is taking their enforcement responsibilities seriously and stepping on any bit of naming or chat idiocy that gets reports. So if you see something out of line, report it! The other thing this thread highlighted is the amount of account theft already in progress. I turned off chat as soon as I started the game, so I can't tell you if gold spam is a problem. Even with heavy policing, ArenaNet has to look into two factor authentication as soon as possible.

  • I have not played very much since that first night. I've been working on the personal story since a lot of it is centered on Divinity Reach at the moment. However I'm itching to get back into the world and adventure again. I love being overwhelmed with so much to do!

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  1. Having no surname makes a lot of sense. Not for Humans, Charr or Norn, but Sylvari and Asura simply do not have surnames. Forcing players to have surnames when all the NPCs of their race do not have one would've been silly.

    1. You are absolutely correct. I see that I'm writing from a humanocentric point of view as far as names are concerned. So if you play anything other than human, please disregard my complaining.

  2. Like Anonymous above me said, my Asura and Sylvari do not have surnames. Thank goodness I did my research and found that out beforehand too, because I would have totally given them surnames. Apparently, lore-wise that would have been extremely embarrassing for my characters (the Asura, especially!) My Charr on the other hand has two names, though.

    1. Very, very true. Funny, though, because since I haven't left the human starter zone, I have seen few or no Asura or Sylvari. I'm sure everyone will diffuse over time, but the most exotic races I've seen in any numbers are Norn and Charr. My perspective, as I replied to Anon, is skewed.