Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Played Lately: Guild Wars 2

  • I did not have much time to play, but I couldn't help but explore more of Queensdale last night. As I neared an incomplete heart, I saw an icon that I didn't recognize. It turned out to be Assistant Chef Victor looking for skale eggs. As soon as I talked to him, an event began and people started to gather. It was it was amusing to me how fast other players were drawn to a new event. And when we finished, he sold me a recipe for Eggs Beetletun. A food recipe with bonus to Magic Find? I've never seen such a thing in an MMO. Amazing.

  • One thing that I appreciate about the game so far, as I did with Guild Wars, is that the game respects your time. This is not a unique thought; it came up on the Gamers With Jobs podcast as well. I love that crafting recipes multiple times accelerates the completion rate. I love that I can teleport just about everywhere. I love that I can access my bank right from the crafting station.

  • Just a quick hit today. Have a great time in game.

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  1. That respect comes through in dungeons as well with waypoints inside them. There are drawbacks I suppose but I find it very fun.