Sunday, September 13, 2009

Admin: Post Two Hundred

  • It was only February of this year that I reached my one hundredth post here on Bullet Points. It only took seven months to reach this next milestone. I'm more serious about blogging now. And I'm having more fun, too. So I want to take a few moments to reflect on how far I've come and where I'm going.

  • Posts over this timeframe have been marked by two major releases: Free Realms and Champions Online. My bullishness on both games saw me posting time and again about them. This in turn has increased my traffic from Google. I don't know how many of those people ever come back to the blog, but it is a nice stroke of the ego to see people poking around.

  • As well, I've kept up with my promise to review all the books I've read this year. I'm only one review behind now, but I'll get to it soon. It's hard to write reviews when there is so much else to talk about. I try not to take it personally that I get so many fewer readers on those days.

  • Traffic on the site has increased from the ten to twenty hits a day I was getting beginning May 12. That was the day I took a poke at the Shut Up, We're Talking podcast over their avatar-as-token discussion. It may have been a negative way to go about it, but numbers don't lie. That was the post the opened the blog to a wider audience.

  • Since then, I have to be thankful to Tipa from West Karana and Syp from Bio Break for occasionally linking the site. Every time they do so, I see a big spike in hits. The biggest spike, though, came from the link to my head start impressions from Champions Online Daily News. That's quickly become one of my top five posts along with the Be Imba post and three Free Realms posts.

  • The best thing that's happened in this last one hundred posts is getting to know some of the people who read the blog, even just a little bit. So thank you to Yeebo, Ardwulf, Jayedub, the recently delurked Zeno, and all of my other readers and commenters for encouraging me to keep going.

  • I don't foresee Bullet Points changing much anytime soon. Unless I burn out on Champions and my posting cuts way back. I'm sure some of you wish I would. I'm looking forward to the next hundred and I hope you'll all stick around to see what's in store.

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  1. Gratz on the 200!! Even if you do burnout on Champions, I'm sure there will be something to talk about!

  2. Congrats, and keep it up. You're doing a wonderful job here.