Friday, September 25, 2009

Microfiction: Cross-Country

  • When we lived in Seattle, she worked for a large high-tech company and I worked in a record store. There were real vinyl records there, though most people came in for the CDs. That's how we met. She said that even though she works with technology all day, she thought music was better before it went digital. I might have professed my love for her right there, but I didn't want to come across as that creepy guy.

  • We stayed in Seattle for two years until she got a better job opportunity in San Jose. None of the music shops were hiring, so I ended up at the gym where she works out. It was nice to have her around while I worked, though she had to stop working out in the evenings after a few months. I think her boss was keeping her late with too much work, so that was disappointing. He was pretty rude when I told him stop pushing her so hard. Lucky for him I kept my temper or he would have spent longer than a week in the hospital.

  • San Jose only lasted about 15 months. I don't think California was right for us anyway. We ended up in Boise next. I don't really know why she chose there. We didn't stay long either. I had only just started at the Cheesecake Factory when it was time to move again. Not that I minded; those cheesecake eating jerks didn't tip for crap.

  • There was a pretty big mix up after that. She forgot to tell me we were moving to Minneapolis, so it took me five months to find her again. I went to her apartment to let her know I finally got here, but things got a little heated. I felt pretty bad about it and tried to apologize about her windshield, but some moron called the cops and I didn't get a chance.

  • Now that we're in Cleveland, I'm trying to give her some space. I know I rushed things, so taking it slower can't be bad. I still think we have a connection, so I'm not willing to give up on us yet. She has a very nice apartment and a new job. I think she's happy here. I think we'll be happy here. As long as that neighbor of hers keeps his hands to himself. Otherwise I'll kick his teeth in.

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  1. I am not sure what to think of this really. But the San Jose part is cool, because I live in San Jose.

  2. @ Jayedub - Ha ha! I'm narrowing down the clues until I can get my revenge for you getting me back into WAR.

    @ Literary Feline - Yay! I was going for creepy.

  3. Very well done. I love how the real plot was left unsaid, the unreliable narrator -- this was fantastic reading. Pro quality!

  4. @ Tipa - Thank you very much. It's kind of you to say.

  5. I really enjoyed that. The narrative structure and the basic premise are both quit clever. Bravo!

  6. @ Blue Kae & @ Yeebo - Thank you both much. I have something else percolating. Hopefully it won't take another year to finish. :)

  7. I'd love to meet her for a cup of coffee since we're both in Cleveland.

  8. @ stacybuckeye - I'm sure she'd appreciate that. She would need a friend by now. :)