Saturday, September 26, 2009

By Request: Champions Online Q & A

  • Based my Free Realms Q&A from earlier this year (and based on my desire for more random Google hits), here is a Q&A for Champions Online based on the search terms coming through to my blog. I went ahead and dressed them up to protect the inane.

  • Where do I go to create my Nemesis? - Two blocks north of City Hall (marked on the in-game map) is a police station. Right outside you'll find MCPD Captain Martin, two Nemesis vendors, and the computer you'll use to create a new supervillain. For the more visually inclined, try this map!

  • How do you defeat Kevin Poe? - Ouch. Okay, you guys got me. I bragged in one of my earlier posts that I was able to solo Mr. Poe and solo him I did. The only problem is I didn't exactly do it in a way that would make anyone, especially Cryptic, cheer for me.

    After getting nailed to the wall a few times by the fiend, I decided to pull out all the stops so I used one of the summoning devices you occasionally pick up. I don't exactly remember if it was the demon or the gunbot. Whatever it was did the trick. And I do mean trick. After deploying my pet, I charged in and started blasting away. Kevin Poe started blasting too, but at me instead of my pet. Gah! Down again I went. Only this time when I revived Poe did something strange. He must have still been in combat with my minion because pretty soon the villain ran all the way out to the revival point. With only 45% of this health left, I was able to finish him off and complete the quest. I'm not proud.

    Of course this was in the days before Force Shield and Regeneration. Maybe with a good build I could do it the right way this time.

  • What's this about a Crime Computer? - Crime Computer! Great question! (Thanks for changing the topic!) Never used it once. Maybe once.

    See, the Crime Computer is an option at the bottom of your Mission screen. That's the one that comes up when you hit "J". The purpose is to point out quest givers in the various zones that you may have missed. Champions already does a really good job of leaving breadcrumb quests for you, so I've never been that lost. But if you really aren't sure where to go next, the Crime Computer will point the way. Maybe even several ways.

    UPDATE - The anonymous MM in the comments reminds us that there are a few quests that become available in the Crime Computer in the level 20ish region. No idea why they ended up there. No real story to it. Just another way to dump missions on you. So take a look because you definitely don't want to miss extra XPs.

  • Where is the tailor in the Southwestern Desert zone? - I feel sorry for this poor guy. It seems like no one even knows where to find him. The guy you're all looking for is named... logging in really quick... Supply Officer Thompson. You'll find him by the tents down on the grassy area of Project Greenskin, east of the Powerhouse and northwest of the landing pad. There's not much reason to go down there, so it's no wonder people don't find him easily.

    If you're looking for the donations guy so you can buy your hero points back, he's right there too.

  • Where do you find the half-mask option? - This one took me a while, too. Let's see if I can remember. From the Head costume tab, first choose Heads & Hairs. That's the default, so it's hard to miss. Then select the Head Type option on the left. The first drop-down menu on the right side is Costume Piece. Click that menu and you'll find Partial Mask is the second option down. You can change the look of the mask from the Pattern drop-down menu.

    I think the partial masks look better when you put an Eye Accessory mask option over the top. The whole thing has a better texture that way. Be aware the using a partial mask removes any makeup options for your characters. This is a small pet peeve of mine. I can't make the perfect Batwoman until they fix this (and two-sided capes.)

    Also in the interest of full disclosure, I didn't remember any of that. I had to look when I checked for the Desert tailor.

  • Do you unlock a costume slot at level 50? - Maybe. However since the level cap is current forty, let's go with the ones we can obtain at the moment. You get extra costume slots at levels 15 and 30 as well as a bonus slot for joining a Super Group. Since you can invite your own characters to a group, there's no reason not to bring alts in and get your free costume.

  • Rubberbanding in Champions? - I must have missed that power framework. Sorry.

  • Champions Online vs. EVE? - What do you want them to do? Fight? What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Can you solo in Champions Online? - For the millionth time, yes! I'm sorry, okay. I was wrong. Can't we just let it go?

  • Can Champions Online be played offline? - Oh, forget this. I'm through here.

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  1. Ah-ha! So that's what the donations vendor is for. I had no idea. Did I skip some info box in the tutorial or did you find that out through the forums?

  2. @ Blue Kae - It isn't explained anywhere. I picked it up by randomly watching zone chat one day. Had no idea until then.

  3. Well, I guess I don't feel too stupid then. I think this highlights one of the major flaws with Champions, though. There are quite a few game mechanics that aren't explained anywhere in game.

  4. The crime computer doesn't just point out places to go. It also offers quests from time-to-time. They are usually time limited quests.

    So if you've run out of quests that are reasonable to your level, check the crime computer.

    I was around level 20, and used up all my 20-22 level quests since I was grouping. At the time, I was running solo and had nothing level-appropriate. I was surprised to see about 6 level 19-21ish quests in my crime computer. Those got me to 21.


  5. @ MM (anon) - Thanks for reminding me about that. I'll update my answer!