Monday, May 14, 2012

NBI: You Are Your Blog

  • When my wife started her book blog, she wasn't exactly sure how she should talk about books. She wrote several reviews, trying different styles to find the one that fit her. Time and again, I thought that her best reviews were the ones that discussed her journey with the book. Purely authoritative reviews were fine, but I wasn't nearly as interested in them as I was with her personal reviews.

  • Above all, as a blogger, you need to be yourself. I can go to any site, probably more professional sites, for general information about a game. What I can't get is your opinion or your personality. The more of yourself that is in your blog, the more it will stand out. Don't hide your voice behind some objective facade. That's not why I read blogs.

  • When I say put yourself into the blog, there is the implication of authenticity. Maybe you are hilarious in real life and you can express your humor through your blog. Maybe you're super smart and your analyses are cogent and interesting to read. Good luck with that because that is super hard to get right. Most people can't pull off that level of craft. Be yourself. Don't be a gimmick. Trust that you are interesting enough to voice an opinion in your own way.

  • Remember what it says above: you are your blog. If you're not putting yourself into your posts, I might as well be reading Wikipedia.

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