Tuesday, May 22, 2012

News Filter: Layoffs At Bioware Austin

  • There are not a lot of details yet, but news has come out that some number of employees have been let go from Bioware Austin, the studio behind Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  • There is no way to tell if this is the normal draw down that occurs after a game has shipped, or if it's a sign of some larger problem. My money is on the former, but I fear it might be the later.

  • What do you think? Is it a sign that SWTOR is in trouble or business as usual? Winners get to say "I told you so," as soon as the details come out.

  • P.S. Why is Syncaine the only one who is talking about this? I mean I know why it's Syncaine, but why not anyone else?

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  1. I have just delegated all SWOTR related commentary to SynCaine because I didn't really like the game and have a general policy of not giving note to games about which I have nothing nice to say. Basically, if I do ongoing posts about a game, I like it, or some aspect of it, even if I am doing nothing but complaining about it.

    Plus, why deny him his simple joys.

    1. Now that I think about it, I think Syncaine may be the only one actually posting about SWTOR anymore. That can't be a good thing.